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Meet Sollar
Blockchain 3.0

The first universal blockchain platform

SollarChain TestNet launched

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Unlimited peer nodes

High speed

New block every 5 seconds and up to 100'000 transactions per block


Create any smart contracts in the most popular language - JavaScript


Property rights in the real world and on any blockchain

SollarChain for you

The first universal, public, decentralized blockchain you'll want to use.




Others blockchains

Transaction confirmation in less than 5 seconds
The cost of 1 transaction is less than $ 0.01
Solo mining opportunity
Hybrid PoW + PoS Consensus
Blockchain infrastructure for mass-market
Impossibility to "attack 51%"
It is possible to create smart contracts of any complexity
Ability to connect external data to a smart contract
Possibility of placing data on the blockchain
Native integration of coins and tokens from other blockchains
Payment for transactions using the funds of a token (smart contract)
Smart contract marketplace
The ability to create a DAO

What we develop, the missing things you can develop

— 2021

– Start

All or nothing - Poehali...

— Jun, 2022

– In progress

Test & main network of SollarChain.

  • Start
  • Private test
  • Public test
  • Launching

— Jun, 2022

– In progress

Blockchain Explorer

  • Start
  • Private test
  • Public test
  • Launching

— Jun, 2022

– In progress

A web and mobile application that combines all the services of the Sollar platform, including a wallet, personal profile, marketplace, and more.

  • Start
  • Private test
  • Public test
  • Launching

Sollar ID
— Jun, 2022

– In progress

Anonymous authorization system.

  • Start
  • Private test
  • Public test
  • Launching

Sollar Program
— September, 2022

– In progress

Sollar Fan Affiliate Program.

  • Start
  • Private test
  • Public test
  • Launching

Sollar Store
— Oct, 2022

– In minds

Blockchain-based marketplace for goods and services.

— Oct, 2022

– In minds

Distributed server space and data storage.

— Oct, 2022

– In minds

A platform for concluding private and group contracts.

— Oct, 2022

– In minds

Decentralized exchange.

— Oct, 2022

– In minds

Payment system with support for fiat and cryptocurrencies.

— Feb, 2023

– In minds

Decentralized social network.

— Aug, 2023

– In minds

A mobile operating room that doesn't track you.

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Goal of Sollar

Develop a universal, secure blockchain platform that is home to exciting new projects and brings billions of people together.

One more things to SollarChain

Blockchain is slow, expensive and not clear - we will destroy these three myths first of all.


More than 100'000 transactions per block - SollarChain peak throughput.


Less than $0.05 - the cost of a transaction to the network, even if you send BTC, ETH or USDT.


Sollar is, simply, an application on your phone no more complicated than Telegram.

Everything in one place

Sollar is your personal concierge who is always at work and can do a lot.

Complete anonymity

Your data is only your data, and only you decide whether to give anyone access to it or not.

Profitable investment

Sollar is an ecosystem that lives and develops, and in parallel, its value and value grows.


These are more than 40 market experts with unrivaled experience in the development and development of major international projects. And we do not have a single argument that will not allow the implementation of this project.


Sollar has received the necessary financial support from a number of private and corporate investors. However, we consider it necessary to do everything possible so that the project community, on the stratum, has more than 100k people, which is why we launched the free sale of coins to all investment and technology stakeholders.


SollarChain and projects based on it are based on the highest requirements of private and corporate clients from different countries, regions and business areas. The roadmap of the project is designed in such a way as to prepare business and the world, in general, for the transition to a new paradigm of relationships.

Contribute to SollarChain

The Sollar ecosystem is neither the dream nor the fantasy of blockchain enthusiasts. Sollar is an evolutionary solution for seasoned crypto investors who have invested in over then 40 projects. SollarChain is the first public universal blockchain, the success of which is predetermined by necessity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When does the coin sale start?

    The sale of coins will begin immediately after the publication of the testnet, approximately at the end of July.

  • What are the conditions for obtaining the status of a node?

    Holding the declared number of coins on a smart contract and the presence of a physical / virtual server that contains a complete copy of the blockchain.

  • Can I be a node without holding coins?

    Yes, but you will not receive a reward for verifying new blocks. The need to "raise" the node arises in the case of developing services on SollarChain.

  • How many coins will go on sale in total?

    We do not limit the number of coins issued. Therefore, all applications that are submitted prior to the launch of the mainnet will be satisfied. The sale of coins will stop with the launch of the mainnet and it will be possible to purchase coins either from miners or from holders.

  • Why do you need to become a miner at the start of the project, and not when the project is already "getting stronger"?

    The math for solo mining is as follows: you buy 200,000 coins, which you hold on a smart contract for 1 year. After a year, these coins are returned to you. At the same time, each new block you receive a reward for being a miner 2 coins / the number of active miners (if your server is not active at the time a new block appears, then you will not receive a reward for this block). If there are 50 nodes in the network, then your profit per year will be at least 248'000 coins. With the growth of the popularity of the network and the increase in the number of miners, the profitability will decrease, just as the number of coins held will decrease. And if at the start the profitability is maximum, which will allow the first wave of miners to accumulate enough coins, then further profitability will be more modest, and the competition for new coins will be fiercer.

  • How quickly do you plan to list on the top exchanges?

    Immediately after the launch of the first project - April-May 2022. However, if some exchange wants to list our coin, we will not oppose it.

  • What percentage of the funds received will be directed to market making and liquidity pools?

    We plan to use up to 90% of the funds received to maintain liquidity. 10% will be placed in a development fund and directed to the development of the platform.

  • Why is it better to buy a coin rather than a token?

    The answer to this question is based on statistics. Historically, the blockchain coin gives a disproportionately higher profitability than the project token, due to the wider application and greater independence of the coin from the will of developers, founders and any other third parties. This does not mean that it is necessary to keep only coins in the investment portfolio, but it means that in the medium and long term it is more profitable to keep them than to keep tokens.

  • Are you planning to launch a Bounty campaign?

    Да, мы выделяем 5'000'000 монет на bounty кампанию, которая продлиться 5 лет. Ее условия будут опубликованы до запуска активной маркетинговой кампании.

  • How many coins does the development team keep for themselves?

    The team leaves no coins for themselves. However, each investor (any person who invests his money, time, any other resources without receiving payment for this - an investor) will receive coins in proportion to his contribution. The bounty will be distributed prior to the mainnet launch.

  • I represent a fund / group of investors and would like to receive special conditions for buying coins. Is it possible?

    Yes, contact the Sollar architector via telegram: @Glukhota